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Five Tech Trends Shaping Customer Engagement

Technology should be at the forefront of a customer engagement strategy, but it can be hard to know where to begin. There has been an explosion of new technologies over the last decade and research has shown that nine out of 10 brands are struggling to identify the right platforms and technologies to help them engage their audiences better.

Consumers are increasingly met with a dizzying array of digital options and messages and the challenge for brands is how to cut through and engage customers in a meaningful way.

Our ambition through this short e-book is to identify the five top technological trends which we believe are successfully driving customer engagement, increasing loyalty and revenue. These developments include the Internet of Things (IOT); virtual engagement; cognitive computing; hyper personalisation and data security. We also look at how some of the world’s largest brands are already deploying these technologies.

We are passionate about cultivating smarter engagement where the right technology is applied to create compelling customer engagement solutions that actually makes customers’ lives better, safer and more enjoyable. There is incredible potential for brands to develop personalised, relevant and contextual customer engagement and we see first-hand every day that consumers respond positively to companies that add value through technology.

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