Producing brand advocates by engaging with students

By Karen Wheeler, Vice President and Country Manager, cxLoyalty UK

Each year, universities across the UK are inundated with students starting undergraduate courses for the first time, embarking on a new stage of their lives and for some, opening bank accounts for the first time.

When you consider that these students will inevitably require banking facilities later in life – from credit cards to mortgages – there is a clear opportunity to attract customers for life. It’s unsurprising then that retail banks have long been looking to attract the student population, with rail cards, coach cards and Amazon Prime subscriptions often dangled as carrots to lure them in. These offers relate directly to students’ needs and encourage them to sign up for their first accounts, but how do you engage them longer term and ensure they remain a valuable customer for life?

To find out more, read the full article by Karen Wheeler, Vice President and Country Manager at cxLoyalty UK, in Global Banking & Finance Review.

Image credit: Alpha Stock Images